Gathering logs in CLM 4.0 with IBM Support Assistant

Gathering logs when you have to analyse a problem in your system (or get data for official IBM support), is usually a tough and tedious task to be performed by administrators. CLM version 4.0 includes the Lite version of IBM Support Assistant (aka, ISA).

ISA is based on the concept of collectors for information gathering for problem determination. Each collector is meant for a specific solution and to gather information or logs focused on it. ISA Lite is a light version of the ISA Workbench solution, where the later provides a broader solution not only focused on logs and data gathering (for more information you can check this link).

Regarding the CLM 4.0, ISA Lite is included in your installation with a specific collector for gathering data. To begin its interactive execution, you can runISALite.bat (or “.sh” in case of *nix systems) located in “<JazzInstallDir>/support/ISALite”. A wizard as the following will appear:

As you see in the wizard the specific “Jazz Based Server General Collector” is selected. You just give the output file a name a click on “Collect Data” for the process to begin.

Once began, it will ask you if you have any other additional zip packaged log files you want to include in the output file. This allows you to build a whole file with, potentially, information from other systems:

It is OK just to click “Skip” if you don’t have any additional log file you want to include and the process will continue. This process will then ask you for the location of the application server where your CLM solution is deployed. It will automatically detect some of the application server(s) software installed in your system and offer you to pick the correct, or to manually specify the location of the one you want to use:

After this initial configuration details, it will take a while until it finishes gathering the information. Note that the output file will not only gather CLM applications data, but also useful information of your system relative to networking and system configuration. You can see some details of what is being collected during execution if you mark the checkbox “Show execution details” while running.

Once the process is almost finished, you will be prompted to choose what you want to do with the resulting file: to automatically send the gathered logs to IBM for support assistance or to just keep the file locally. For the later you can just select the “Do Not Transfer Logs” option:

As a result, you will end up having a zip file with all the collected information:

Running the tool without GUI

Just as final tip, note you can achieve the same behaviour without the need for graphical interface launching the tool from command line with the console option: “runISALite.bat -console”. You will be asked for the same information within your console session.


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