Navigating the history of your file changes in RTC 4.0

I have been recently working with a customer in helping him understand the RTC SCM model and the typical operations that a developer will perform like checking in changes, associating a work item to a change set, delivering and accepting changes. The review of these operations were on the context of a simple team stream sharing scenario:

In this workflow, we also checked the main options a developer will use to check the history of the source file he’s working on. I’ll briefly cover here these handy operations, and what’s new in RTC 4.0:

Reviewing the history of a source file in your workspace:

The first task to review in our scenario is when you as developer want to check the history of a file in your workspace, for example to compare with previous changes. This operation can be as easy as right-clicking the file in the workspace and running “Team > Show History“:

Now the History View appears, showing by default the change set history of that resource in the scope of the repository workspace. Following the previous scenario and using the Money That Matters sample, you could get something like the following (click image to enlarge):

Each entry in this history view represents a change set in which the file was modified in the current workspace. Double clicking one of this entries will open the change compare view showing the effects of the change in the file: the before and after states for the given change set (note this is the default behaviour for double click but it can be modified). Moreover, there is a bunch of actions you can perform for the change sets that appear in this view with simply a right click operation (note not all that appear work for a change set context):

History of the source file in other contexts:

Now back to the scenario, in parallel development there are potentially more changes in the source file from the ones you have in your repository workspace. Let’s see how you can navigate that information from where you are: in the top right corner of the history view, there are three icons with different options that can be also accessed via the drop-down menu when you click the arrow in the further right:

The three options that you can use from that context are:

  1. Show in Current Flow Target: that will offer you the change set history for the file in the flow target for the workspace. In our sample scenario this will be the stream called “JKE Banking Integration Stream”. Note that this flow target could be also another repository workspace.
  2. Show Component History: this option shows you the history of the component in the workspace. Running this option from this history view menu is equivalent from right-clicking and running “Show > History” for the component in the workspace (via the My Repository Workspaces node in Team Artifacts view, or the Change Explorer view to mention a couple). Note that although this option is not directly related with the scenario I am describing in this post (navigating the changes for a file in my workspace), I thought it was worth briefly describing it here.
  3. Show All in Repository: this option shows you all the change sets in the repository in which the file you are inspecting is included. This allows you to check changes in other streams or workspaces that may be useful to your work.
New in 4.0 – Check-in history:

You may have noticed  that in the previous options I left one to cover from the drop-down menu “Show Check-in History”. This is new in RTC 4.0 and can work with history information for a file in any of the possible contexts: workspace, flow target or repository. It opens a second box within the history view with the individual check-in operations committed for the change set. If we hit that option for the first example case we would get something like:

This new option allows for further inspect individual changes (at the level of check-in) for compare, recover work, … Your work will always be safe in the repository workspace and recoverable!

Wrap up: other SCM elements and SCM search capabilities

In this scenario I wanted to show some ways of easy browsing the history of a file from a developer scenario point of view. Similar information can be obtained for the history of other SCM elements like components and streams (in addition you can explore baseline history of them).

But it’s not all about browsing, as RTC offers a great set of features for searching in the SCM under the menu Search > Jazz Source Control (check the cool “Locate change sets option” new in 4.0). Most of the options in this menu are also available in history contexts navigating in a similar way as we have done for a file in this post. I will try to write a bit about them in the future …

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