Using gmail account as mail server for Rational CLM

In this post I will gather the configuration settings to make your Jazz Team Server use your gmail account as the mail server. This is really useful if you want to understand how mailing works in your test machine, or simply if you want to play in your computer with it and generate some spam from yourself 😛

For the configuration I will assume CLM is already installed and configured, so the parametrization will begin navigating to https://<ServerPublicURI>/jts and login in with an user ID member of JazzAdmins repository role group. Once logged in, you will click on the “Server” tab and then select the option “E-mail settings” under the “Configuration” section.

You will be presented with the different parameters to configure the mail settings, the ones we need to set are the following (change the values that appear in the table in italic to match your needs):

Enable E-mail Notification true
SMTP Server
SMTP Server Port 587
SMTP Username
SMTP Password yourGmailAccountPassword
E-mail From Address
E-mail From Name My mail service

The most important settings for the configuration to succeed is the mail server, the port and to enable the TLS protocol. These settings shown conform to the specification given by gmail for setting up SMTP outgoing mail you can check in this link.

Once you have saved the configuration, the users will begin to receive notifications. A user can check the mail settings opening his record from the eclipse client (right-click the Repository Connection and select “Open My User Editor”), and navigating to the “Mail Configuration” tab, where the defaults are the following:


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