Eclipse based products crash on Linux – JVM terminated. Exit code=1

This is a really short post to share some information I found after being continuosly hit by “JVM terminated. Exit code=1” in various Eclipse based products: RSA, RDz and RTC.

Note: bear in mind I work in Linux, and the information I am to share here just applies to that OS. Windows users, seems like you can feel safe this time :p

It has happened to me lately, while working with Rational Developer for System Z v9.1, that my client continuously crashed with error “JVM terminated. Exit code=1“; printing out the list of JVM params and generating a dump. There are some options that were always triggering the error, like creating a USS shell in RDz.

I ended up looking to a bunch of technotes and users recommendations, and so trying different options:

  • Modifying eclipse.ini
  • Modifying the JRE RDz was using
  • Modifying the eclipse configuration

Nothing worked. I had had a quick look at the dump file but I saw nothing clear for me, and I was in a rush to use RDz (so no real time for deep dump analysis). I was wondering, what changes my system has had recently? Two as I could remember: installing RSA and appliying some OS system updates.

Although my first suspect was RSA, I ended up wasting more time. Until I found the following blog post with something familiar to me from my dumps, so I wanted to share with you:

I don’t claim every error with that code will always be solved this way, there are other potential causes, but it is a workaround that applied to my case (and I expect others), and that I found hard to locate.

Thanks to the original author of the tip. I hope this post helps spread the workaround and save others time.

3 thoughts on “Eclipse based products crash on Linux – JVM terminated. Exit code=1

  1. Hi, Jorge.

    I’ve been struggling with this problem for a whole month. I can now happily say that I got it fixed thanks to your directions.

    Would you only please update the link. For some reason, the link you have posted does not work anymore. However, I believe I found the original article on Cubic Race page.

    Thanks. And a new year full of blessings for you and your family.


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