About Jorge

My name is Jorge Díaz and this is my technology and development blog.

I grew up and studied in my hometown of Salamanca, where I got my Bachelor in Computer Engineering. Since I was a child I have been a technology enthusiast from my very first amazing-at-child-eye computers (I think they are know held in some museum cellar), to the current almighty laptops.

I joined IBM as part of the graduate program in 2006 as a new member of the Rational Software Services team, and consequently I moved to Madrid. During my time in that team I worked  supporting organizations in the deployment of IBM Rational based software development solutions and practices. My expertise area has been Software Configuration Management and Development Tools, but that hasn’t kept me from the curiosity of playing with other tools and technologies.

One of the technologies that most attracted me in my work (and out of it,, ouch!) is the Jazz Platform. As a result of that interest and the hours spent, by the end of March 2012 I joined the Jazz Jumpstart Team. This team helps to enable IBM customers worldwide with Jazz-based solutions.

From September of 2013, with the disband of the Jazz Jumpstart Team, I moved to the Rational Emerging Technologies Team, with focus on Rational Team Concert for System Z development.

In my spare time I love to practice sports, watch the Spanish football league and hang out with my friends!

Hope you enjoy the thoughts and materials you will find in this blog.

6 thoughts on “About Jorge

  1. Did you attempt to do the fine grained changes then later, change the Master Process template and determine that all of the fine grained changes still worked?
    Thank you for an excellent article

  2. Hello Jorge,
    And now you are a member of RTC EE Development team, welcome to this warm family. In RTC EE team, there are a lot of experts on both System z and System i. You will learn a lot of new knowledge in this team.


  3. Hello Jorge,
    Welcome to RTC-EE development team, I’m sure we’ll appreciate and benefits your skills from ULL team.
    And a special welcome to a Spanish football league supporter !! may be Real fan since you were in Madrid.


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