Eclipse based products crash on Linux – JVM terminated. Exit code=1

This is a really short post to share some information I found after being continuosly hit by “JVM terminated. Exit code=1” in various Eclipse based products: RSA, RDz and RTC.

Note: bear in mind I work in Linux, and the information I am to share here just applies to that OS. Windows users, seems like you can feel safe this time :p

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Custom Bugzilla Importer for non-consecutive bug IDs

I have been recently working on extending the Rational Team Concert Bugzilla Importer functionality and I wanted to take some time to blog about it. Rational Team Concert provides an Import wizard to migrate Bugzilla Bug Reports to RTC. The details of such feature are described in this article and this InfoCenter topic.

Update Feb 11 2013: I have updated the shared code to be able to ignore the Bugzilla bugs’ attachments.
The post content is the original one but you will find in the wizard the option to ignore the import of attachments, which may be useful when you are migrating old bugs information for traceability but you don’t want to carry all the attached files to your RTC database.
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