Sample advisor: preventing multi-module change sets

It has been a while since my last post. It hasn’t been because of lack of ideas, rather time, although the blog has been bugging me in the back of my mind for attention for quite some time. So here we go … for this come back I have picked an always interesting topic, to force some rules in your SCM.

I wanted to talk about one aspect of managing change sets in Rational Team Concert. Tools like RTC and Rational Developer for z Systems come in hand with the cultural and practices changes in the umbrella of Enterprise Modernization, but let’s face it, there are certain challenges that come into play in discussions with customers quite commonly and will take some time to leave … if ever (languages used and platform peculiarities play their part as well).

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Navigating the history of your file changes in RTC 4.0

I have been recently working with a customer in helping him understand the RTC SCM model and the typical operations that a developer will perform like checking in changes, associating a work item to a change set, delivering and accepting changes. The review of these operations were on the context of a simple team stream sharing scenario:

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