Parallelizing Personal Dependency Builds

The use of Personal Builds allow a developer to verify if their checked in changes build successfully without impacting the team build, or waiting for a deliver-build cycle. In this forum post I want to discuss how to configure your Rational Team Concert deployment to allow the parallelism of personal builds by your developers.

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Automatically link rebuilt impacted files to a work item – Custom Ant Task

At this point you may be already be familiar with the Promotion and Packaging Enterprise Extensions features, and how you can use them in a work item basis. You can specify concrete work items to be promoted or packaged, therefore associated changes will be the ones to consider in these processes. This offers great fine grain control of how your changes are to progress in your defined development flow, which is to sum with all the goods that managing change sets with work items offer (traceability, process control, …).

In this post, however, I want to discuss the case of dependencies impact and their management: when files get rebuild because a source they depend on has been modified. I will provide a custom Ant task as sample approach for automatically linking those files rebuilt to a work item to incorporate them (and their outputs) in the development flow. In the last part of this post I want to also introduce some new features improvements coming in RTC.

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Build Agent’s user “home” folder permissions considerations

The past days, while I was trying the configuration of a deployment of the Build System Toolkit and the Build Agent (based on version 4.0.4), in a test system using the Money that Matters sample, I faced the following error running a build:

PTY allocated pseudo-tty *PtyPipe
EXEC Unable to set working directory to '"/u/<userX>"' (111).

I want to blog about this error and its resolution, taking the opportunity meanwhile to provide links to important configuration information.

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Focusing a bit more in my new team

A lot of reorganization work has been happening lately within IBM/Rational and, as one of them, it was with a mix of sadness and mission accomplished feelings that I received the news that Jazz Jumpstart Team was to be disbanded. As a result of that reorganization I have joined the Rational Emerging Technologies Team (aka RETT). You can have some more insight on these changes and what the new team means in the blog post Everything Changes – Change is the Only Constant from Dan Toczala’s Blog. He is the manager of this new team where I am joining some old and new colleagues in this RETT initiative.

What does that mean for me and this blog? Well, not much, as in my new role I am focused on Rational Team Concert for System Z development, so still RTC and the Jazz platform :). I’ll try to focus a bit more my posts on RTC for developing for this platform: how to take the most of Enterprise Extensions, adoption tips, …; or my little solutions for common customizations/extensions that I find for the adoption of RTC for that particular development area. I am keeping here links to other colleagues’ blogs where you will still find cool stuff in other CLM areas that I will be no longer focused on.

Stay tunned!

Script based attribute customization in RTC 4.0.3: configuration editor improvements

During a recent review of the Process Enactment Workshop Lab 5 materials in a 4.0.3 test environment I had the opportunity to try some good enhancements and new features in the Attribute Customization configuration editor for script based customizations. I think these enhancements are pretty cool and maybe not as advertised as deserved, so I wanted to blog about them.

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RTC Custom Scheduled Async Task example explained

Back from Innovate, it has been a great time meeting lots of Jazz practitioners and buddies; most of them it was the very first time I was meeting in person, after long time working together. After the usual time for catching up with tasks that were waiting for me, I am back to my blog. I have been recently working in an engagement helping building a custom asynchronous scheduled task, so I wanted to write about it.

I have had some difficult time trying to find an example of such a task that was both simple enough and yet close to a real case; so finally instead of complicating myself, I decided to use as basis the example from the Query Dev Guide wiki page with some little modifications, but with focus on the details of building such an async task.

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See you at Innovate 2013

The Jazz Jumpstart Team will be attending the Innovate 2013 in Orlando, Florida, June 2-6. We will be presenting in different sessions covering a variety of topics around Jazz platform and CLM. The schedule of all the sessions in which we are participating has been nicely consolidated by my colleague Rosa Naranjo; check it out in her blog entry here.

I will be personally participating in the following Innovate sessions:

  • Process Enactment Workshop (Tuesday June 4th: 3pm-6pm): Jim Ruehlin, Ralph Schoon and I, will be delivering this workshop in which we guide the user through exercises that will show how to enact process. From formal process description and definition in Rational Method Composer, publishing it to Rational Team Concert process; to process customization in Rational Team Concert, including deep attribute customization using javascript. You can check out the published version of the workshop in Process Enactment Workshop for the Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management 2012.
  • All You Need to Know About Customizing RTC (June 6th: 8:30-9:30 am): Ralph Schoon and I will be talking about RTC customization. We will review the different customization options available using the tool interface, javascript or the Java SDK: what can be done with each and what to avoid. All these concepts, we will be reviewing them from a practical point of view, to help you drive your future customization decisions and provide a basic idea of the potential effort involved.
  • Building Mainframe Applications with RTC (June 6th: 9:45-10:45): Nicolas Dangeville and I will be describing the mechanics of the Dependency Build, to help you gain an understanding of how the feature works. But it’s not just about it and its details; we will also describe some additional dependency build feature options and supporting RTC features for building in system Z.

Beyond all the sessions in which we participate, feel free to reach out to us; it’s always fun to share thoughts and ideas, and meet Jazz practitioners.

See you at Innovate 2013!